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Color Your World

The comic book ad campaign continues! Once in a while I fiddle around with an excerpt from an old comic book and insert one of my shaman tools in place of what a character was holding or endorsing. It's all for fun, but I try to add a little teaching with it sometimes. So today, I'm pulling the ol' switcheroo by swapping a drum for soap powder from this ad which appeared in an early 1900s comic. I hope the message is clear enough. It's about being the change you may seek.

Color of Life
Aho & Namaste,
Please note that comments have been turned off, as spammers have flooded the comment box. Sorry! I'd love to hear from you, though, so let's swap email!

<< MORE >>

Smudging Dick Tracy

Here's one for the Superhero Spirituality category I started a few years back. (You can see others in the category archives in the left column.)

Okay, it's an indulgence, but oh so much fun! I love old comic books, and over the years I've collected a lot of images from them, mostly from a site called Comic Book +. The artwork is great, even though the printing was sometimes off kilter. And often, the writing was great, too, particularly in the old literary comics, other books called "British Story Papers," and even some of the classic comic strips. I'm so glad that site attempts to preserve, at least in digital form, these cultural icons.

Once in a while, I like to imagine how the illustrators and publishers back then would have handled it if Thunder Valley Drums had sponsored a series of superhero ads about spirituality and social consciousness. Here's today's result. And this time around, it appears as though they have chosen Dick Tracy as a spokesman!

Thanks for the endorsement, Mr. Tracy! << MORE >>

How To Make Your Own Miniature Totem Pole

Who says comic books don't have educational value? As a public service, reprinted here are instructions for how to make your own miniature totem pole from clay, originally appearing in a 1955 comic, Picture Progress. Link: http://comicbookplushttp://comicbookplus.com/?dlid=39827.com/?dlid=39827 It's a great project for making some of your own shaman gear. (In addition to the image directly below, there are larger images further down in this post that you may find helpful, should you wish to take on the project.)

The book attempts to feature an overview of Alaska, which wasn't a U.S. state until four years after it was published. This isn't to say that all of the material in the book itself is all that accurate, timely, topical or unbiased for our day and age. You will see many stereotypes appearing in it, a reflection of the mindset at the time. Regrettably, some of those stereotypes persist to this day!

make a totem pole
Totems are very special spiritual helpers or family icons, so a totem pole reflects the likeness of such helpers in your life. (In some places, a totem is often referred to synonymously with a power animal, though the former more often than not reflects broader meanings and symbols in the context of totem poles.) Obviously, these instructions are a bit over-simplified, but they serve as a good guideline. Also, more modern materials may be substituted. And, of course, you may wish to draw your own design with your own totems instead of the ones shown here. << MORE >>

Of Horses and Thunder

It is an honor to pass along this information, first brought to my attention by friend Karen. And once you read it, you can find more information at the following links. Many thanks to Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Raven Redbone (blog site with more info about the Chief and the events), and a related World Peace and Prayer Day event (link). Poster image from Equiculture.org (link). And big thanks to Karen, too!

Equiculture.org Poster ImageWanted to share this with you as it seems an opportune time to do some sacred drumming! Hope you can join in Spirit and pass the news on.
Love and Light,

Begin Shared Message:
Please share to get much participation to bring about awareness:

Welcome back the Thunders & Honoring the Sunka Wakan Oyate (Horse) Nation

In the past the Welcome Back the Wakiya Oyate - Thunder Ceremony has always been done on March 21st, but because there is an International effort to respect the Mini wic'oni- the Water of Life - it was decided to unite our prayers and our energy, and to hold the event on March 22nd, on United Nations Water Day.

In the history of our People, this is the time to do our ceremony to Welcome Back the Thunders. This ceremony for our Nation – The Buffalo Oyate (Lakota, Dakota, Nakota), has always taken place in the Heart Of Mother Earth – The Sacred Black Hills at Harney Peak. Russell Eagle Bear and Ben Rodd have been the forefront for organizing this important ceremony for a long time. Each year many school bus loads of children, along with Elders and the People make this pilgrimage to offer prayers on top of Harney Peak.

As the Keeper of the Sacred Bundle, I would also like to acknowledge the importance of the Sunka Wakan Oyate – the Horse Nation. << MORE >>

Big Changes To Live Free

Thunder Valley Drums LogoBig changes are coming! I guess you may know that I'm planning on changing providers for both the Thunder Valley Drums Website and blog, and in the process will offer many enhancements on a new site. But it is a much larger and more difficult project than originally imagined, so that's another reason why I've been absent from this blog so often. Here's what is going on.

The greatest challenge I'm undertaking is two-fold, making the website more "modern" and easier-to-use, and re-imagining the Thunder Valley Drums podcast. The first, updating the look and feel of the website (here's a possible alternative TVD logo, above) while adding a shopping cart feature, is so vexing because I resist having my site look like it came from a cookie-cutter, as if I were selling any old wingdings instead of the sacred items for spiritual seekers that I offer. The so-called "experts" advise making a site look typical to those of giant corporate interests so people will feel at ease with a familiar looking presentation. In other words, they say to conform. So far as I know, I'm the only person offering lightning-struck drums and other spiritual aids on the planet, and I have no interest in trying to present them like you see with the endless piles of consumer goods on a site like Amazon. So, I don't conform well. << MORE >>

New Shamanic Drums For Healers

Well, it's been three weeks since my last stopover here on the blog. Wow! I am certain that the world is presently caught in a time warp and that it's really still January, 2014. I cannot believe the calendar on my desk!

Okay, okay, so it IS February. It's just that time has evaporated so quickly in the past weeks because I've been so busy. Many of you have felt the need to step forward with your healing abilities and have ordered shamanic drums as a result. Here are the latest two, which are now delivered to a husband and wife team in Virginia. (You can read more about the drums from the owners' perspectives on my Facebook page.)

Painted Shamanic Drums

Master artist Glenn Lewis did the paintings, with acrylics, and I must say, he did a fabulous job reproducing the photos which the folks had provided beforehand. One is trimmed with leather lacing and the other with multicolored crocheted stringing and leather lacing. The custom-made drumsticks are similarly outfitted. << MORE >>

Thunder Valley Drums Post-Super Bowl Ad

As I see it, the Super Bowl score was 127 to six. That is, there were about 127 bad Super Bowl ads, two cute, two weird, one boring and one shocking. And as a veteran watcher of most Super Bowls, I can say this was the worst, not only for ads, but also for a lop-sided game. Denver is a better team than displayed, and Seattle is as good as it displayed. Overall then, this was a ho-hum affair, about on par with watching traffic...without the interruption of dumb ads.

The real shocker ad, by the way, was seeing Bob Dylan shilling cars. How far he has fallen, and how far has fallen an iconic symbol of the 1960s. The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind, as unrestrained capitalism steamrolls even one of its greatest critics. I suppose he will go on from here to do a Goldman Sachs or Chase Bank ad.

So, to brighten the mood, I thought it time for a good ad. << MORE >>

Two New Pots of Gold for Rainbow Drum Lineup

If you've been searching for a reliable, lightweight and colorful shamanic drum for your drum circle or for use in sacred ceremony, you may have just found your pot of gold at the end of the drumming rainbow right here! I'll let Mary Marvel explain. (Then you can scroll on down to see TWO new Rainbow Drums below.)
Search for Pot of Gold
There is more than gold at the end of the rainbow! There's red, green, blue and lilac drums there, too. And even some brass!

For the first time ever, I've used metal as an integral component of a drum, and I guess you could say it's time to get down to brass tacks about it! Enter the Jade Green Drum...

Jade Green Shaman DrumYou not only get the gold, but the entire rainbow with this drum! The Jade Green Rainbow Drum features a deep green drum head and all the colors of the rainbow on the frame and trim. The colorful composite webbing is tacked on with brass tacks, then accented with sumptuous suede deer lacing and colorful, hand-painted and polished wooden beads.

Such a lively voice! But of course you would expect no less from a Thunder Valley Drum!
<< MORE >>

Lightning and Thunder Shamanic Drums for Sale

In the previous post, I outlined the shamanic hoop drums I offer. Today I'd like to share some Lightning and Thunder with you!

Thunder Valley Drums began when I started making lightning-struck drums, and only years later did I expand my work to include hoop drums with lightning wood grafted to them. I can't recall how many lightning drums I've made over the years, but I am working on two more to be introduced early next year.

Celtic Prince DrumWe'll start with a prince of a drum!

The Celtic Prince Drum is made from a red oak that was struck by lightning sometime in the 1990s. It's a fanciful drum, based on an original fictional story of a Celtic clan leader who wanted a drum made for his young princely son.

It is certainly a high energy "fun drum" to have around! It features carvings of a fishing expedition (photo, left), a dragon, a woodpecker, apple wood slices, emeralds, and a very special hammered brass medallion, all of which were made for the leader's son in honor of the clan's traditions.

This is not a drum you will see everyday! << MORE >>

Shaman Drums For Sale

Shamanic Drums For Sacred Ceremony and Your Favorite Drum Circle

Here is a quick overview of all of the shamanic drums for sale from Thunder Valley Drums! It's like a walk through a most unique boutique drum shop from the comfort of your easy chair, or on the go with your smartphone. You can see and hear each of these on the TVD Website and know that each drum comes with lightning power for sacred ceremony or your favorite drumming circle.

We'll start with the Shamanic Hoop / Frame Drums, today, then later I'll add the LIGHTNING-STRUCK Drums.

Shamanic Hoop Drums from Thunder Valley Drums naturalshamandrums.com

Firefly Shaman Drum
Light Up Your Life!

This is the 10-inch Firefly Shaman Drum that comes with optional decorations. It's lightweight, easy to pack, exceptionally durable and a joy to play!

The Shaman Hummingbird Drum from Thunder Valley Drums
Take Flight

Here's the most popular drum I sell, the Hummingbird Shaman Drum. It's a 12-inch shamanic drum with a beautiful voice, a wonderful array of optional decorations, and extremely easy to play over long periods because it's light weight and has a stringing pattern that makes it easy to hold. A real beauty!

Shaman's Thunder Drum from Thunder Valley Drum
Big Time Expression

Now, let's talk thunder! This is the Shaman's Thunder Drum from Thunder Valley Drums. Big and bold with a deep voice, this drum reverberates with the slightest tap! (Colors vary by available drum head types.)

This says it all about the
from Thunder Valley!
Not Your Grandad's Drum, It's A Rainbow Drum

Hoop Drum Buying Guide from Thunder Valley Drums
Variety and Quality With Every Drum

You'll find plenty of options for these sacred shamanic drums, too, like personal art provided by artist Glenn Lewis, more variety than I could show here, and economical choices for the budget-minded drum buyer.

I provide a Drum Buying Guide on the site to help you choose the perfect drum.

And, by the way, every drum you purchase also comes with smudging herbs, sweetgrass and even a guide (.pdf file) to help you use and care for your new drum partner. And here's a secret ingredient added to each one too...LOVE! I make each drum, decorate it, and do everything else I can possibly do to provide you with a special, handmade shaman's drum. I would love to make a drum for you!

Personal service is my sacred vow.

Aho & Namaste,



See and hear these lively shamanic helpers now on the TVD Website: Rainbow Drums

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